EST. 2007


An alluring fusion of classic soul, folk, 80’s classic rock/pop, African and reggae. Based in South Jersey and Philadelphia area, Ju-Taun has gained a lucrative following for their distinct quality of music. Their inherent love of music is personified throughout their songs and is not only a career for them but a way of life. Ju-Taun has been mentored by the Great, Leon Huff of Philly International and has been featured in his music. They have radiated their talent by traveling all over the world to foster their sound.

The trio of singers/songwriters/musicians, joined by their musical compatriots, say their album will reflect their diversity but the influence of the greats is apparent. Their songs can be found and heard on Pandora, Spotify, MTV, and VH1. The powerful sound of Ju-Taun will resonate happiness of audiences for years to come.